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Granny was a Brothel Keeper

50 Family History Traps

Kate Broad and Toni Neobard

A5, 133 pages, ISBN: 978-1-906280-38-3

So you thought your grandmother was an upright lady of strict Victorian morals? Would you be surprised to find out that she had been five months pregnant when she married your grandfather? Or that she earned her living pimping out young servant girls to drunken sailors?

'Granny was a Brothel Keeper' is an entertaining collection of true stories which illustrate the fascinating and sometimes bizarre world of family history research.

A fun read in its own right, this book also outlines many of the traps which lie in wait for the family historian. It will help both newbies and old hands become more effective in their research. Who knows, you too may discover lying brides, exploding sheds and bath chairs, shipwreck survivors, serial bigamists and more .....

It's not often that I open an envelope and laugh out loud at the contents! I have continued laughing and nodding my head for the last hour, dipping into the book and also admiring its great cartoons.

Maureen Selley, Chairman, Devon FHS

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