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Tracing Your Sligo Ancestors

James G. Ryan

A5 144mm x 233mm 160pages ISBN 978-1-907990-04-5

Sligo is situated in the north of the province of Connaught settled between Mayo and Leitrim. The population of about 60,000 in 1792 rose to  over 180,000 by the mid 1800swhen trade was dominated by the flax, wool and linen industries serving the textile trade. Th population of Sligo continuosly decreased since the Great famine with a high level of emigration to North America and elsewhere.  Sligo familis are a mixture ofnative Gaelic families and of Cromwellian settlers who arrived in the 17th century. Common surnames include Scanlon (O') Healey, Brennan, Gallagher, (O')Hart, McDermot, and Gilmartin. The main 'gentry' families in the county are Cooper, Crofton, Gore, nicholson, Ormsby, Parke, and Phibbs. This book sets out the records available  for sligo, where they can b accessed and how they can be used to best effect in tracing Sligo families.

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