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Victuallers' Licences (Third Edition)

Records for Family and Local Historians

Jeremy Gibson

A5, 64 pages, ISBN: 978-1-906280-14-7


Inns, pubs, hotels, taverns, call them what you will, licensed premises often have a longer ascertainable history than most buildings apart from churches and major houses.

Their inhabitants will have been ‘ordinary people’, not clergy or gentry. There were and are thousands of licensees, of course with numerous descendants.

 What is more, these buildings and individuals appear in records since Tudor times.

This new, thoroughly revised and updated edition (the first for twelve years), tells family and local historians just what records, national and local, survive and where they can be found.

Jeremy’s co-compiler, the late Judith Hunter, has provided an authoritative and detailed introduction describing the many classes of records and the information they may provide.


“If you descend from a keeper of an ale house or tippling house, this is a very detailed guide on the type of records you may use for finding your ancestor. ...a must for those with Victualers in their families.”

Ancestor (Genealogical Society of Victoria [Australia])

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